Podcaster, Creator, Realtor®

First Interview

Real Estate Agent does not define WHO I am, It’s WHAT I do

Future Podcaster (Not future no more)

Since December of 2015 I am on a journey. Did you know that I do not have to be a sales person to be a good real estate agent? No longer will I allow myself to be categorized as no better than a used car sales man. I will not pester, beg, and/or demean my character for business. Starting in April of 2016, I became a podcaster hosting a show called “More than Real Estate” (working title). As the title suggests, I will not just be talking real estate. I will be interviewing local business to find out more about them, who they are, what they are doing, and overall give us more insight into our community businesses. Included on the podcast will be information about common real estate misconceptions. You will get my BEST every episode, enjoyable and informative for you. My goal is for every listener to learn more about the community they live in, warn of real estate pitfalls, events in our town.

Well, I have done it. The first recorded podcast is done. It is now on Itunes! You can also check out the podcast directly here!


I am including my community in my success. Part of who I am is knowing that our future is important. Investing in our kids ensures that our future is bright. That is the reason as I succeed, so will our kids. Donorschoose.org is an organization that allows teachers to submit requests for funding on projects that directly benefit the kids in that class. My wife is a former teacher. I know for a fact that most teachers are underpaid. I also know that most teachers typically fund extras for their classrooms and students out of their own pocket. With that being the case, only kids who have teachers with extra money get extra educational trips and/or technologies. This program is available to all teachers throughout the US. I like that because you see where your donation goes. You know it is going to a worthwhile project. No bureaucracy to lose the money in. The end result is that our kids benefit. It is time that we help out our strained educational system.


I am currently working on a real estate program that is strictly for the heroes of our community. Check back often for updates.

Real Estate is my Profession

As I said, Realtor is not what defines me. It is a profession that I have chosen to be in. I chose it because I believe we all need help when buying or selling our homes. There are so many pitfalls, new rules, accepted practices, legal hoops, and just overall hoopla when it comes to real estate transactions. No one can expect you to navigate them all safely. That’s where I come in. I practice this every day. Classes, legal updates, newest forms, colleagues, brokers (with years of experience), local boards, state boards, national boards, all of these are resources that I have access to. I use this access to guide my clients. I use this access to ensure my clients are protected. I am the safety valve for you!

Read more, see what I am about. If you like what you read, Let’s Talk over coffee! You won’t be disappointed.