Who's on Your Team?

Who’s on Your Team?

Who's on Your Team?

Who needs a team? I can do this myself!!!!

The success of any job increases when good and dedicated people are on your team! There are very few scenarios that I can think of that do not require a team effort. Raising your kids? Mom, dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings – Team Parents! Getting your bachelor’s degree? Student, Counselor, Teachers, Parents, friends – Team School! Buying Groceries? Farmers, Truckers, Stockers, Store owners, cashiers – Team Store! Even mundane and simple stuff like taking a walk in your neighborhood. God, mother nature, shoe company, clothes company, sidewalk company, home builder – Team Walk! On top of this, some movie genres live off this team approach.

Fine… Why a team?

My favorite part of most movies is the training/preparing portion. You know, like when creed is learning how to box before the big fight or when Dominic Toretto and the gang are preparing to steal the money from the crook trying to kill them. I particularly like the teamwork with Dominic’s team in “Fast Five”. Dominic and Bryan put a team together for the specific purpose of pulling one last job on a very powerful gangster in Rio. With Dom and Bryan as the brain trust, they bring in six other people. Han is brought in as a “Chameleon who can blend in anywhere”. The confidence man is Roman. Tej is the hacker. For the overall warrior, Gisele. And what movie would be complete without a little demolition, a.k.a. Tego and Rico.

Each of these teammates complete their part to finish this job. From scoping the police department via the Tego and Rico blowing the restroom to install cameras, to Roman talking his way into getting the evidence dept to accept a package that is loaded with a RC car with a camera that Tej operates. After this is done, and this was no small task, Han and Gisele work to get hand prints from the bad guy without him knowing. Still more work to be done and Dom and Bryan have to win cars that they plan to use in the heist. Now anyone that has seen this movie knows that the first plan goes to crap. Unfortunately, this is like life too because life can throw monkey wrenches in our plans too. Time for Dom and Bryan to alter the plan, but the goal remains the same! At the end of this movie Dom, Bryan, Tej, Mia (Bryan’s Wife), Roman, Han, Gisele, Tego, and Rico ride off into the sunset with $100 Million dollars. With that kind of success, who wouldn’t want these kind of players on your team?

Your Team…

I also have a team. I have a team because I cannot do everything. I have my go to guy for Mortgage, home inspection, pest inspection, foundation inspection, Floor installation, home cleaning, landscape, general contractor, title company, home owner insurance, etc. There are a lot of moving parts involved in buying and/or selling a home. But the most important person on my team is YOU, my client! Our ultimate goal is to help YOU achieve your real estate needs. I do my part in locating, negotiating, prepping, and documenting your home. Then I engage our team to help us get to the goal line. You know the old saying, “There is no I in Team”. As a team, we are worth more than the sum of us individually!

Who’s on your team?

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